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Special Event / After-Party Cleaning


Be it a small event or a big party, the last thing you want to do after a long night of fun, is the thought of you having to clean up all the mess… We at Your Doorstep Cleaning Services have dedicated teams that will gladly take the burden off you and we will clean everywhere swiftly and leave your home spotless, your friends will ever wonder if truly a party happened in your place!

Some of our to-do list for after party clean:

  • All recyclables (empty bottle, cans, cups etc.) are separated and disposed according
  • All left over food / junk are binned and disposed off
  • Wash plates, cups and used utensils (on demand)
  • Empty all bins and clean them
  • Clean all the tables / chairs (and store away if required)
  • Sweep/ vacuum and mopped floor
  • Clean the kitchen appliances
  • Clean toilets and bathrooms
  • General tidying of everywhere to look neat and tidy
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