Nuit Natural Radiator Brush


  • Long and slim natural radiator cleaning brush
  • Very flexible to fit into corners
  • Ideal for removing dust trap behind and between panels
  • Also suitable for other hard-to-reach spots
  • Shake dust / dirt off easily after use
  • Made from soft goat’s hair
  • Size 70cm



Designed to help you get behind radiators, in between radiators panels and in other hard-to-reach spots, this Natural Radiator Cleaning Brush is ideal for ensuring a thorough spring clean.

Made from soft goat hair, this flexible brush is very ideal for trapping dust and dirt easily. With a wooden handle which sits comfortably in the hand, the brush is 70cm long, long enough to ensure you get into every last nook and cranny when cleaning.

70cm (27.55’’) L.


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